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Ageless Iron Restoration is a business set up to cater towards anyone who is restoring anything from a 1937 John Deere tractor all the way up to new car restoration of old cars. We offer an inexpensive way to restore or refurbish your tractors. And we’re not just limited to tractor paints – we have a high quality urethane paint to restore anything with (or without) a motor in it. When you’re restoring a project, whether it is something you own or something you are doing as a part of your business, you understand the important of getting every nut and bolt back in the right place, and you also know the importance of the products you use. Why not start right the first time with the Ageless Iron line of paints?

Car Painted
Painted with AIRS Paint Supplies

We offer a full line of body shop supplies, too. You’ll know you’re getting a great product because unlike other “salesmen” who will sell you a product you know nothing about, I have worked with almost every product I sell, so when I tell you how to use something, I am speaking from personal experience, not sales pitch.

Body shops love our service.

Before I became a distributor, I used to go to one of the local jobbers and walk out with a little box of supplies that cost me $500. Spending so much on so little product made me decide to start looking into distributors, become a dealer, and look for better deals, so that when you come to me with the need to purchase body shop supplies and paints, you don’t spend so much money like I did. You’ll find that you can get more for your money with me than any of my competitors will offer you – that’s not a pitch, it’s a promise. When I sell you a product, it’s based on experience of working with it and knowing how it works – not just a sales pitch from some guy with an inventory warehouse. I want to be able to tell you from experience how a product works, because nothing is worse than taking home a product you are “assured” works great and is of good quality – only to find out there are kinks in it everywhere and the salesman never used it to know of the problems in the first place.

Custom motorcycle shops love us because we work with the House of Color paint collection, and supply all the body shop supplies they need to complete the job. We aren’t just for tractor people, we service all kinds of vehicles, even ones you wouldn’t have thought of, like golf carts and off road vehicles.

Custom colors quickly when you need it!

Get custom colors quickly when you need them. We offer single stage and base coat clear coats. Our color system is capable of over 150,000 matches, so you know you’ll get the color you need. We match your color based on the OEM paint code off of your vehicle, but we can also cross match from competitors to get you a color you want to make sure we match your vehicle right. We handle the House of Color colors, so if you have a custom color you want and you don’t see a paint code to match it, sends us a wet or dry sample of your paint and we can send out your sample and have it mixed right for you.

Car Painted
This hot rod was sprayed with our base clear in a matte, or flat, finish.

Knowledge you can trust.

I began restoring antique tractors in the early 80’s in high school. Ten years later I bought and restored my first tractor, restored a few tractors for some neighbors, and soon decided I needed to look for one paint company for all of my colors. Since then, I have researched the majority of antique tractor colors, and you can be assured that when you call us or e-mail us, it doesn’t matter if you have a 1936 John Deere A or a Massey-Harris, we’ll get your colors matched quickly and accurately.

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